Managerial system project of information
Investigating and monitoring
Orders, investments of
investors and companies




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What is ZiSK?

It is the managerial system project information - a list of information in data bases about buildings and investments, which are only being planned or are under the realization- building up (so about existing and future buildings and investments) in the Czech republic and in the Slovak republic. Equally about the credit clients-terms, attending these investments.

It serves to increase the effectiveness of labour in obtaining the orders, decreasing the costs in companies, increasing the know-how, it mostly supports business of building industry, production, trade, financial services and services related to them, activities.

Investigation, collection and handling of information about orders- buildings and investments, do the every enterprise however with the consequence of high cost, low efficiency and in many cases too late.

ZiSK serves for high-speed orientation and know-how in the branch of a building industry:

  • Which Investments are being prepared, where, in what quantity, for what reason, when
  • Which Buildings are under construction, where-localization of the building, its size, purpose, when
  • Description and specification of the building / investments

  • Who is the Investor - developer, also with the contacts
  • Who is superior Supplier, also with the contacts
  • Who is the Architect - project engineer, with the contacts
  • Circumstances: company, address, name of the responsible person and also phone contact, e-mail